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23 January 2030 @ 05:14 pm

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So on Friday we left our hotel to do more sightseeing but I will make an extra entry for that. We remembered that somebody on LJ said they would start selling tickets at 4 pm at the theater. Well, that was bullshit.

Fortunately we arrived at the Adriano Theater around 1.30 pm to get a good spot. Thank God we came that early because they started selling the tickets around 2 pm, so me and marciavandecamp  got 2 tickets each. 2 additional ones for [info]lisa_grey  and her dad who joined us later around 5.30 pm. So yeah from that point on we did lots of standing lol because we didn't want to lose our spot in the front row. While waiting in line we met 2 other girls. Well, they had the House DVDs and some stuff to sign but they didn't even know about the FHM pics whatsoever or about Special Delivery so yeah. We felt like special nerds lol. I had brought my FHM magazine and [info]lisa_grey  and marciavandecamp  had both pics they wanted to get signed. The screening was supposed to start at 8.45 pm so we thought Lisa would get there a little bit earlier. We were so wrong lol. The more time passed the more excited we got.
inside the cinemaCollapse )
The guy with the camera in the left pic was from Universal I think. He took many pictures of us fans. I wish we could see those pictures somewhere but I don't think we will get access to those pics :(
Irene also wanted to get the BOUO signed ♥

                          *excited*                                                         our ticket
At around 9.30 pm I think a car arrived. The door was opened and we saw Lisa getting out of the car. That was when our hearts and breathing stopped. OMG that feeling was so intense. Immediately she was surrounded by so many bodyguards, security and other people that it was impossible to see her for more than 2 seconds. She was pushed forward by all those people so she didn't stop by or sign anything. At that point everything happened really fast. Before that we were told that even if you had the tickets it wouldn't be for sure that you got to get in and see the House screening. 

So after we got our 2 seconds of Lisa we hurried to the stairs and even managed to trip. Fail. Then we rushed to the screening room which was already packed. Then 2 Italian ladies came in and I think they said something in Italian but I can't really tell because I completely zoomed out and focussed on the door. When they introduced Lisa she came through the door, of course surrounded by lots of security and walked to the front of the screening room. Then the Italian lady asked her some questions, which were not really new. Blah. But she was adorable anyway and talked about having bleeding feet. We had a little moment there because our feet were also hurting like hell at that moment.
While Jaquline took the video (which you can watch here) I was busy taking pics. Let me tell you, that room had the worst fucking light ever. Also we were pretty far away and even with the zoom some pics are quite blurry. But I hope you do enjoy them anyway. :) (Idk why but when you click on them they get kinda sharper? Fail, LJ scrapbook)
When Lisa was done we decided to leave the screening because we knew it wouldn't be something new, only some season 5 DVD extras and we felt pretty down because we didn't get many good pics. Also we were so exhausted. Let's face it; we were pretty emotional at that moment. So we left the theater and sat on a street curb lol and had some emo time.
marciavandecamp and lisa_grey feeling down
But we were really happy that we got to see Lisa live. It was a great experience and we don't regret anything. We finally met each other and had so much fun exploring Rome. It's such a beautiful city and I'm sure we will do it again some day. Of course we were sad that we didn't get an autograph but sometimes you can't always get what you want and I think some fans need to realize that!
</div>Edit: I forgot to say, you can do whatever you want with those pics, just don't claim them as your own, thank you ♥
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